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Can I list my baby here? He’s a lot of what I’ve been up to over the last two years. (Aside from being the managing editor for Mom365.com (until 9/15), and freelancing for Yoga Journal, Sonima, Kripalu, MetroParents, The Dodo, Guideposts, OnFaith, and a few more.) But also…

The Greatest

Here are some of my favorite pieces.


As a longtime yoga practitioner (and a non-teaching, certified instructor), I’ve watched it go from a jazzy purple leotard thing to a Lululemon-sponsored extravaganza. I’ve been riding the wave and reporting on it all the while.


Personal essays and memoirs are pretty much my favorite thing to write and read. Here, there are essays about about how prayer helped with cancer, being a spiritually celibate twentysomething, surviving a close call on 9/11, my take on the 2003 NYC blackout, and more.


I’ve done quite a few celebrity interviews. But we don’t talk about lip gloss (not that there’s anything wrong with that)–I’ve been lucky enough to talk to folks like Richard Gere, Lou Reed, Alice Walker, and Herbie Hancock about their spiritual and emotional lives. So much juicier to me–and I (like to) think sometimes more fun for them.

Pregnancy and Parenting


I’ve been writing and editing for digital publications since 1999. This piece for The New York Times documents a writer’s-eye-view of the first bubble bursting.


I’ve been exploring the mind-body connection and the intersection of Western and alternative medicine for many years. When I was diagnosed and treated for cancer nine years ago, it became a little bit of an obsession. In a good way, I think.


Yep, I’m a yogi and a shopper. Here’s a piece I wrote for CNBC about gifts that give back.

The Environment

In the great Green Media Rush, I wrote about everything from air-cleaning plants to a mini-guide on how to recycle everything.


Once upon a time, in a Midwestern college town far away, I was Madame Exotica, Beloit College’s sex and love advice columnist. I fielded student questions on getting through school with heart and pleasure intact. Those columns are no more, but more recently I’ve written for Upwave (RIP) and Blisstree about some of my favorite kind of travails: the love kind.

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