Work with Me

Mmm, words. I heart them. And I heart helping you make them sing.

Do you need…

– An article, essay, or blog post written?

– Smart, engaging copy for web or print—either written or edited?

– Your work of love revised, revamped, or re-visioned?

– A “voice” for your brand, site, or business?

– A total content strategy?

– Just about anything with words created or caressed into its ultimate CLEAR, authentic expression?

Then I could be your person! Reach out now, or read on for more about me and pricing options.


Why Work with Me?

Well, I’ve written hundreds of articles and blog posts for dozens of publications. I’ve assigned and edited hundreds more, and content-strategized to enhance the brands of many companies. I have a B.A. in Creative Writing and a masters in Journalism from Columbia University. Which is to say: I know a thing or three about writing—how to get the words out of your brain and onto the screen or page; how to make them glow; how to keep them coming; and how to get people to read them. I also know how not-easy this can be, and how wonderfully soul-freeing it is when it FLOWS.

I also struggle with my own writing—I know what it is to be stuck and feel like “this sucks.” Thankfully, you will benefit from the demon-battles I have lost and won at the keyboard and on the page. (For a cheat-sheet of that hard-earned wisdom, read my Writing Manifesto for Heart-Engaged Humans.)

Plus, I’ve been doing yoga almost as long as I’ve been word-crafting, AND I’m from New York City, baby. For you and your writing, this means I’ve got an eye for authenticity; think grammar rules are learned to be broken; and especially love “dharma projects”—those that are part of what you’ve landed on this rock to, well, rock.

Bonus: Since I’m also a certified yoga instructor, I might suggest a deep breath before writing the next page or offer a meditation assignment to go along with draft #2. Writing comes from our hearts, heads, and guts—sometimes it’s necessary to harmonize the trio to get the real song to come out clear.

See how you might tap my 20 years of experience and wisdom for your projects:


Assign Me Stuff!
What it is: I write essays (personal and reported), articles (major features and blurbs), and blog posts (all lengths) for national magazines and websites. Though wellness, yoga, parenting, and health are my main topics, I have also covered everything from fashion to real estate to technology. I’m available for all that and more. Get in touch and let me know what you need.


1) The Pick-My-Brain

What It Is: A chat in which you ask me anything about writing, editing, or content, and I answer as best I can and collect targeted resources I will email you for the rest.
How Long It Lasts: 30 minutes
Investment: $50

2) The Read-Your-Thing

What It Is: I will read your piece: an essay, blog post, treatise, etc. I will do a once-over edit of it as needed—clean up the grammar, suggest spots for clarification, tweak structure, and give it an over-all tidying up and polishing. If it helps, think of this as a standard facial, with extractions. (Done gently—my aim is to give you honest yet kind feedback to nudge you in a positive direction.)
How Long It Lasts: Totally depends on the thing. Show it to me and I will tell you how long I think it will take.
Investment: $100 per hour, one-hour minimum.

3) The Major Edit

What It Is: This is a deeper overhaul of a likely longer thing—could be an entire book or website or business plan—or possibly an essay you want me to look at molecularly. I will dig deep and ask questions and give you feedback and clean up. If this was a facial you’d emerge looking 10 years younger, feeling shiny and new. It’s the deep-clean.
How Long It Lasts: Depends. Show me the thing. I will guesstimate the rate and keep you appraised along the way.
Investment: $100 an hour, 3-hour minimum.

4) The Start-a-Content-Revolution

What It Is: You want your web or print content to maximize and extend your brand. As a content consultant, I will get you and/or your people creating copy  that’s aligned with your mission and serves your readers and clients so they keep coming back for more. We’ll develop a voice, brainstorm content, set up a content calendar together, and get you rocking and rolling on your own.
How Long It Lasts: We’ll decide together.
Investment: $100 an hour, 20-hour minimum.



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