Author and colleague of mine Therese Borchard writes about keeping a “self-esteem file” that contains good things people say about you and your work. It’s there to fend off the inner critics with proof that you actually rock. And I guess when you publish these words of praise, they can act as testimonials too. Here’s hoping!

Re: “Moving Forward After Cancer,” for the Kripalu catalog

“I read your essay Moving Forward and it has made an enormous impact on me. Not only is your writing top flight- you just talk from the gut, and you get it; your real-ness, pain, humor and the words of wisdom that move you, have just entered my body. I want to send it to every woman I know – a few who are recovering from cancer.” – Roberta

“What a tremendous gift your words are for all of us. Thank you for the vulnerability and the dignity of your language and the care with which you framed the entire piece.” – Maria

“This is stunningly beautiful, authentic and deeply real. Thanks so much for capturing such the depth and the essence of the program. You created a beautiful piece, woven out of your own heart. How profoundly touching.” – A.


Re: “The Progress Paradox,” for Yoga Journal (not online)

“I just got off a six-hour flight from Washington, D.C. to San Francisco, during which I read Yoga Journal’s entire ‘Yoga at Home’ magazine. Particularly I read (and re-read) your piece, ‘The Progress Paradox’ and even took notes! It was such an enlightening article that reminded me why I practice yoga every chance I get.” – Julie


Re: “Horace Mann Abuse, a Pink Mohawk, and Me” for The Huffington Post

“Your piece and comments on Horace Mann were beautifully and clearly written. You hit the target gracefully but directly.” – Alexis


Re: “I Love New York,” for Yoga Journal (not online)

“read your piece “i love new york” in Yoga Journal last night and was moved to tears. It is absolutely beautiful–one of the best pieces of “9/11″ writing I’ve read, possibly ever. I too was in Manhattan on September 11, and I wrestle often with the events of that day–and the dust I returned to (my apartment being only 3 blocks away from the site)–and the year I spent living so close. Too often I find that the nuance and depth of our true feelings about the attacks are lost in media coverage and nationalist slogans. Thank you for so movingly articulating the pain and confusion and resilience of the city and its people. May you continue to find the ‘tender spots in the pain.'” – Sara


Re: “10 Things I Learned from Yoga Teacher Training,” for The Huffington Post

“I completed my YTT at Kripalu in Nov 2008 and truly enjoyed your article in the HuffPost this morning. How very true and so good to read. Thank you. I shared it with all my YTT friends and it is nice to reliving those days. And every word in your article resonated with me.” – Jenny


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