day-before-thanksgiving gratitude

i am grateful for: 1) fresh direct. our beloved fairway is sadly lost to the storm for at least another few months. this is so sad. i am grieving for a supermarket. it had five feet of water in it. which means not only do the bananas get wet, but cases float and shatter, everything collapses, everything molds: it took …

Valerie Reissday-before-thanksgiving gratitude

gratitude week gratitude

i am grateful for… 1) gratitude everywhere! its health benefits are in the times, a lot of my FB friends are listing things they’re grateful for daily this month. it’s NICE. the gratitude vibration is one of healing and positivity and saying yes to what is. i love it. you can feel how it softens hard edges, makes impossible things …

Valerie Reissgratitude week gratitude

dusk gratitude

i am grateful for: 1) the moody way late fall evenings fall so fast. boom! you’re in the romantic dark, glowing in laptop light! 2) really gorgeous typefaces. like the ones here. 3) the volunteer spirit lighting up nyc. 4) oh, bama. whewbama. 5) having a tub! we have a tub! it’s been eight months since i’ve had a soak …

Valerie Reissdusk gratitude

nyc gratitude

i am grateful for: nyc. xoxo

Valerie Reissnyc gratitude

post-sandy gratitude

i am grateful for: 1) safe friends and family. 2) having the power stay on here. it’s very odd, really. you’d never know walking around our hood that anything too bad happened. just some extra leaves. we saw those transformers blow and my thought was, “that’s some very weird lightning.” 3) the warm community feel on FB and elsewhere reaching …

Valerie Reisspost-sandy gratitude

before-the-storm gratitude

i am grateful for: 1) feeling kind of emotionally after-the-storm before the storm. it would be a poor objective correlative in my-life-as-novel. i feel like i’m plucking deck chairs from trees today. so maybe that will make the storm feel cool. like it’s just rinsing away the rest. 2) saturday. just lying on the sofa. i finished “seating arrangements” by …

Valerie Reissbefore-the-storm gratitude

snug-in-the-down-comforter gratitude

i am grateful for: 1) the noise the down comforter makes when i snuggle in it. like papery cotton. crisp but cozy. 2) losing my glasses just long enough to dig up the back-up pair and see what it’s like to have lenses not scratched to hell. ordered new ones today. #operationnomoremigraines 3) how rearranging the bedroom lighting makes it …

Valerie Reisssnug-in-the-down-comforter gratitude

birds in the coffee table gratitude

i am grateful for: 1) how the birds flying out in the sky show up reflected in the coffee table. i wish i could show you a picture. it’s cool. like fish swimming under a top-frozen pond. 2) showering. it really is one of the best anti-depressants. 3) green & black chocolate’s new (is it new? or just new to …

Valerie Reissbirds in the coffee table gratitude