nyc gratitude

i am grateful for: nyc. xoxo

Valerie Reissnyc gratitude

post-sandy gratitude

i am grateful for: 1) safe friends and family. 2) having the power stay on here. it’s very odd, really. you’d never know walking around our hood that anything too bad happened. just some extra leaves. we saw those transformers blow and my thought was, “that’s some very weird lightning.” 3) the warm community feel on FB and elsewhere reaching …

Valerie Reisspost-sandy gratitude

before-the-storm gratitude

i am grateful for: 1) feeling kind of emotionally after-the-storm before the storm. it would be a poor objective correlative in my-life-as-novel. i feel like i’m plucking deck chairs from trees today. so maybe that will make the storm feel cool. like it’s just rinsing away the rest. 2) saturday. just lying on the sofa. i finished “seating arrangements” by …

Valerie Reissbefore-the-storm gratitude

snug-in-the-down-comforter gratitude

i am grateful for: 1) the noise the down comforter makes when i snuggle in it. like papery cotton. crisp but cozy. 2) losing my glasses just long enough to dig up the back-up pair and see what it’s like to have lenses not scratched to hell. ordered new ones today. #operationnomoremigraines 3) how rearranging the bedroom lighting makes it …

Valerie Reisssnug-in-the-down-comforter gratitude

birds in the coffee table gratitude

i am grateful for: 1) how the birds flying out in the sky show up reflected in the coffee table. i wish i could show you a picture. it’s cool. like fish swimming under a top-frozen pond. 2) showering. it really is one of the best anti-depressants. 3) green & black chocolate’s new (is it new? or just new to …

Valerie Reissbirds in the coffee table gratitude

“does it always rain on monday?” gratitude

i am grateful for: 1) home. couch-working. pasta-for-lunch-that-i-whipped-up-myself-ing. 2) supportive friends offering cheers for luminous! 3) a plan b taking shape. 4) a new, light yoga mat that might not smell. is it possible to get an olfactorily silent mat? why do the non-toxic ones smell worse than the “toxic” ones? why are all the non-toxic ones slippery-ish, and ones …

Valerie Reiss“does it always rain on monday?” gratitude

sunday in the catskills gratitude

i am grateful for… 1) hanging with awesome ladies in the woods. 2) foam rollers. how do my IT bands get so damn tight? 3) raising almost $7K for our campaign. seven days left,$8K to go. the journey has actually been fun. and we’re hoping for and visualizing a miracle. a viral burst. we shall see. fingers, toes, and …

Valerie Reisssunday in the catskills gratitude

sunday night gratitude

i am grateful for… 1) reading fluffy celeb stuff in the times, because it’s smart-fluffy. about mamie gummer (of course meryl’s daughter sounds awesome) and diane keaton’s new architecture book, house. nice brain relief without the need-to-bathe feeling from TMZ. 2) mis-adventures of a garden state yogi by brian leaf. a really fun yoga memoir. just finished today, and it …

Valerie Reisssunday night gratitude