snowy spring gratitude

i am grateful for…

1) a relatively calm, non-snowy winter.

2) a very happy birthday weekend that involved the porches inn, mass moca, a small boy i love, the man i love, good food, baking muffins, and more. (oh yeah, and laundry. because, birthday or no: i’m a mom.)

3) the freshest, juiciest mango yesterday on one of the snowiest days of he year. (what’s up global weirding?!)

4) a boy who is growing out of his clothing and socks and shoes all at once! and talking in full sentences so much of the time!

5) homemade morning glory muffins.

6) a warm, cozy home filled with love.

7) working on projects that make me happy.

8) how silly i get to be with said boy. today the mason jar and a muffin talked to him at breakfast and though he was like, “mommy, you cray,” he also seemed to like it.

9) my new pink $15 sweater from the gap.

10) Bernie, killing it in wisconsin. go, my alma mater cheeseheads, go!


Valerie Reisssnowy spring gratitude