trying to the snow gratitude


trying to embrace the snow with a snowmmmmm.

i am grateful for:

1) a healthy baby boy. big fever, lots of coughing, but now just a steady drip of snot. whew.

2) that I HAVE A CAR. yeah. a car. i don’t know how to drive it of course. it’s been 10 years since i’ve driven and i’ve never liked it or been good at it. and just the thought of it tightens my stomach and throat. but it’s a cute, green, four-wheeled faith in my ability to overcome this terror i have of driving and merging and changing lanes and oncoming traffic and roads with no shoulder and bridges and pedestrians and mean drivers and distracted drivers and drunk drivers. i can overcome all of that. i think? or enough to move ahead? or enough to take my boy to and from daycare, really. first driving lesson is on the calendar!

3) working from home. cozily typing away in my kitchen = yay.

4) tea. alternating between paris and a chocolate chai, both with homemade almond milk. chai with honey from friends’ local hives, of course. so warming and constant and good. and makes me nicer than coffee.

5) my dear husband. for listening. for talking. for watching tim gunn with me when needed.

6) food tv. top chef was freaking fabulous. spoiler alert: GO MAI! a chef’s life is so good. such a deep crush on the brilliant and neurotic and funny vivian howard. want to eat her food some day. and chopped, of course, my dirty little fun standby. is it weird that i follow all of the judges on instragram? even grumpy chris santos? i just wish amanda posted more often.

7) the best christmas present ever: a vitamix. it’s not a blender, it’s a lifestyle (you’re welcome, vitamix. that’ll be $56,438). yesterday i made almond milk from nuts and water. today i made a veggie paste of sorts for my baby boy’s omelet. later today, i’m thinking a chocolate smoothie: banana, almond milk, raw cacao powder. plus maybe some frozen blueberries. and spirulina.

8) a baby boy with such a bursting personality and sense of humor. yesterday he got some food down his onesie by accident at dinner. then he became fascinated by it, checking it out. i peeked too. he liked this. he added more food. this made us laugh. he added even more food. we laughed more. i tried to fish it out of his belly button. more laughing. the best comedy show ever.

9) bubbles. also, he discovered bubbles. the aunties came with little bubble bottles and they were a hit! you can touch them, but they go away. they can rain down everywhere without falling. they’re shiny and pretty and wet. he was just out of his mind with joy and glee chasing them and trying to catch them.

10) snow? ok, i’m trying. snow. i’m even sick of complaining about the snow there’s so much snow. so maybe now it’s pretty? insulating? peaceful? instead of bleak, bleached, and isolating? yeah, peaceful. going with that for now.

Valerie Reisstrying to the snow gratitude