maté gratitude

i am grateful for:

1) a maté tea brew my teacher/healer/friend valerie simonsen gave me. it’s keeping me awake without making me cranky.

2) my cough almost healed thanks to another brew, this one from my dear acupuncturist caroline radice.

3) the amazing bursts in development by my lil guy. since walking he’s started pointing, waving, and handing us stuff. like: here, book, read it to me. it’s this explosion happening as his brain makes so many millions (billions?) of connections. go dendrites!

4) the pumpkins around my house. on this gray day they are providing nice spots of juicy color.

5) my aqua mug that tells me to “trust the process.” mmmk. trying.

6) toys in my house.

7) that moment when baby boy goes to actual sleep for five whole hours at a time (or more). it’s just so good to have a moment for my brain to rest.

8) obama supporting net neutrality.

9) changes afoot!

10) socks. warm, colorful, fuzzy socks.

Valerie Reissmaté gratitude