Nap-time Gratitude


I am grateful for…

1) Teaching the boy to nap. Holy mama, I can’t even believe there was life before he slept three times a day. I’m not sure how I didn’t lose my mind. In the last hour I’ve: made baby food (blended oatmeal with maple syrup and cinnamon); eaten some oatmeal myself, eaten some leftover pasta, updated my website, looked at baby food books, left two voicemail messages, played some Words with Friends, and done some dishes. Ok, that doesn’t sound like a lot, but when he’s awake that list looks more like: Kept baby from crying, nursed.

2) Potentially joining a new co-working space near my house.

3) Getting excited about writing my book again. What? Woah. Yeah. I had a brainflash the other day on a stroller walk that 9/11 needs to be the backbone of the book. In an earlier version of the idea an agent told me to scrap the 9/11 stuff because it would make it seem “dated.” But turns out that’s not what’s happened. At least not in my world. Never forget has not been forgotten. And it’s the core of my personal story for so many reasons. So it’s starting there, with an intro I wrote about it just in case.

4) Perky plants.

5) Taking some care of some back taxes. Shame cloud, here you come. But, whew. Thanks, husband.

6) Liz Gilbert’s new, short TED talk, on coming home to creativity and giving yourself over to the (healthy) thing you love more than yourself. I wish she talked just a squinch slower in it, so I could have slowly absorbed all the goodness, but lord, so many yesses in there.

7) Sunshine! And that my weather app is saying it will be in the upper 60s today. Ahhh.

8) Cinnamon. Too much is just right.

9) A vacuumed apartment. So much postpartum hair-shedding still happening. It’slike living with a VERY long-haired, blondish Persian cat.

10) Bon Appétit magazine. It is the best magazine out there right now. So friggin’ tight and smart and good. I feel like they know me and are delivering. So many folded down page corners.

Valerie ReissNap-time Gratitude