brrr… gratitude

i am grateful for…

1) a husband who talks me down from the freak-out tree with mini kisses and reminders to be grateful.

2) seeing e. and lil enzo! he’s such a finger-gripper, grown-up runner.

3) a job that lets me use my skillz.

4) the we’moon year at a glance horoscope for aries.

5) hot water and soap for hand-washing.

6) “the geography of bliss” by eric weiner. such a good happiness journey.

7) organic cream of earl grey tea from david’s tea.

8) being off the coff. (ee) it’s good.

9) a new shrink who is smart and kind and not letting me squirm away too much.

10) going inside after having ice-cold ear tops. they burn so sweet.

11) assignments.

12) chai tea from de luxe, made with fresh ginger.

13) my neighborhood.

14) obama, again.

15) michelle’s coat.

16) the deluge of happy healthy babies dropping all around me. good. overwhelming, but good. regeneration is at work.

17) demi-bangs.

18) going chocolate shopping at whole foods. kid in a grown-up, expensive, fair-traded, organic, single-origin candy shop.

19) this awful-awesome bit of business jargon someone actually said to me: “we want to become more proactive and sales-aggressive on our touch-ins.” no idea what it means, but i think it could win a contest.

20) heat.

21) being married for a whole year. and people say the first year is hard. i say, what?

22) focusing on the positive so the negative may diminish in its shadow.

Valerie Reissbrrr… gratitude