dusk gratitude

i am grateful for:

1) the moody way late fall evenings fall so fast. boom! you’re in the romantic dark, glowing in laptop light!

2) really gorgeous typefaces. like the ones here.

3) the volunteer spirit lighting up nyc.

4) oh, bama. whewbama.

5) having a tub! we have a tub! it’s been eight months since i’ve had a soak in my very own tub! and it only took three days of not showering to get it.

6) fall veggies; kohlrabi, savoy cabbage, sweet potatoes. yum.

7) “you don’t have to apologize for being dramatic.” my DH, accepting me, which makes me feel less dramatic.

8) getting help with some things–i’ll let you know how the hypnotherapy goes!

9) the petraeus scandal. the news story that keeps on giving. the thread unraveling the sweater on the goat who’s a trojan horse that’s filled with kachina dolls which have little mirrors inside of them that go forever into secrets down to the quark of shhh, which is full of dark matter.

10) laughing.

11) working from my sofa. oh, lovely sofa. hi, sofa.

12) going away this weekend on a valerie adventure. there will be yoga and singing bowls and shoe-shopping and pizza involved. and trees.

13) love.

14) reminders on how to chill.

Valerie Reissdusk gratitude