stupid summer flu gratitude

i am grateful for:

1) a husband who makes me make gratitude lists when i am sobby and coughing and sick

2) not being at the beach as planned? hm.

3) listening to the deva premal pandora station in our cool quiet white bedroom

4) chicken soup in fridge

5) almost being ready to launch our fund-raising campaign for our new business (stay tuned!)

6) new flannel sheets (for later). they are pretty and striped pink and purple and orange.

7) not having strep

8) no longer vomiting from neti pot induced migraine

9) living in an age where people get over flus

10) the people who are outraged at the MESSED UP voter ID laws. if only the outrage mattered in a practical sense.

11) fresh squeezed OJ from naidre’s

12) my old “friends” dvd’s. good for a flu. that second season was really damn well written.

13) no longer having a fever that makes my skin hurt

14) knowing, somewhere in me that isn’t pouting, that this too shall pass

15) “no feeling is final.” – pema chodron

16) friends who text me lavender hydrangea photos

17) snuggs

Valerie Reissstupid summer flu gratitude