kripalu catalog gratitude

i’m honored to have my latest essay featured in kripalu’s catalog. it’s the place where i got started in yoga, gulp, almost 20 years ago. still in college, i arrived as a pink-haired lost girl totally not in touch with my body. the place was a miracle for me, opening me to loving community, connecting my body to breath, and helping me find new ways to ride the waves of my emotional self. hallelujah.

thank you, kripalu.

this article, which you can read by clicking to enlarge it (or grab a copy at most health food stores or yoga studios), is about a recent workshop i took there on living well after surviving cancer. i write about my friend dara who died earlier this year, grappling with what it means to be a survivor, and learning to go a little gentler on myself.

Valerie Reisskripalu catalog gratitude