just plain gratitude

i am grateful for…

1) visiting amma yesterday. we didn’t get darshan but sat about 20 feet away from the people who did. and then i was very close as she walked by and her shakti hit me right in the heart. boom! love target! man, she has some energy.

2) running into rob and carrie at amma. i love going there and seeing the warm faces and devoted hearts of my peoples there.

3) ice cold blackberry izze soda. i LOVE that stuff. no added sugar. mmmmm.

4) dropping my wedding dress (eee!) off at the tailor yesterday. it’s real, it’s happening. we are having our actual wedding. very soon!

5) winding down the crazy craft projects for said wedding. so many details. so many head-exploding details.

6) power yoga with jason at the Y. sure, i can do the three legged dog plank push up. kind of. well, almost not really. but i feel very macha trying.

7) the yoga teacher saying “you’re not so out of practice!” and thinking: he’s talking to me? because in my head before class i told him so. but no, apparently i’m not the only one. but it made me feel good anyway.

8) iced coffee from southside coffee. man, those guys are good.

9) going to get my hair done-did today. excited to be a highlighty blond again.

10) my beloved. for making me proud. for doing the dishes. for snuggs. for openness. for tag-teaming life.

11) dear miss e. the crazy world has given my friends’ teenage daughter cancer. i’m sending her prayers and love and too much information, since it’s the same kind of stupid cancer i had. well, same main kind, different sub-kind under the microscope. we love you, e. xoxo

Valerie Reissjust plain gratitude